Everyone's a photographer these days....or are they??

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to use your college buddy to shoot your wedding. He’s a creative guy who just bought a nice new camera. But throw him into a situation with hundreds of guests, dozens of relatives, and a nervous bride who wants everything to be perfect and your buddy might just head for cover before the wedding even begins.

It’s amazing to me how many brides choose their college friend or uncle or workmate to shoot their wedding when they only have limited experience. Digital cameras have made a lot more people (over) confident in their ability to have what it takes to do the job right. But the results often aren't always...well....pretty.

This is your wedding day after all. It’s a day – THE day - you want captured for all time. And you want it done right! Right??

You want a photographer who's has “been there done that”. Someone who can work with the bride and groom throughout the day. To give them a calm reassurance that things are under control. To help set up a shot without being bossy. To take charge when it comes time to herd the uncles and aunts for a group shot. To fade into the background during more intimate moments – and still get ‘the shot’. To know how to light the wide variety of settings they may see throughout the day – from intense sunlight to a darkened dance floor.

A professional photographer knows how to capture your wedding day in ways that an amateur just doesn’t have the experience for. I’ve worked with couples who have hired me but still asked their photographer friend/uncle/workmate to take as many pictures as they want – and to even pay them for shots that come out great. Compromises like this can be a win-win for the wedding couple. It gives their talented eager contacts a chance to learn to shoot a big event - but the b & g can still relax in the knowledge that they have a professional in charge. 

Let me know your thoughts on this sometimes sensitive topic….;)